Demo Site Overview

Thank you for checking out Foundation 6. There are a lot of components to Foundation 6. We have broken all of the available components into logical groups. You can see all of those in the menu on this page. Each of these pages are divided down further into each individual feature along with live examples. At the bottom of every page are video tutorials for all of the related components on that page.

This site will serve as a great reference guide after you have started using F6 as well. It’s a perfect place to discover new features and locate the videos on what you are learning.


Here are a list of useful resources that to can help you learn more about building websites with Foundation 6.

Foundation 6 Ecosystem

The sky is the limit with Foundation 6 stacks. However, there are a ton of different addons out there to help you do all kinds of things in your web designs. Check out these awesome designers that have made more stacks, templates and pre-made website projects for you.

Getting Started Videos

Below are good getting started videos for Foundation 6. There are more video tutorials on each demo page.