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Unlimited Websites.
No Subscriptions.
Zero Code.

Unleash your creativity with the most powerful web design software for Mac. Powered by the Foundation framework, used by over 300,000 developers around the world.

Demo & Docs

Everything you need to get Started

The Foundation stacks are Stacks addons for RapidWeaver. Think of stacks as LEGO for web designers. You have access to over 120+ drag and drop widgets to build your websites. The best part is that the code generated will be indistinguishable from a hand coded website.


Fast & Modern

Powered by the Foundation Framework, and the latest technologies to sky rocket your site into the modern era. Not to mention that it's built for speed!

An iPad displaying a lovely salon website built with Foundation. The iPad is next to a plant with lemon tee.

Loved by Users

Massimo Clarotto

F6 gives you wings! It's so much fun to work with. It is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use tool.

— Massimo Clarotto

Mari Pfeiffer

Imagine creating a beautiful, highly functional, and fast-loading site without knowing any code. That’s pretty much what F6 will help you accomplish.

— Mari Pfeiffer

Donna Biglin

The stacks are first class. They all work together and there are so many options to make your website pop.

— Donna Biglin

Christi (Milligan) Kropf

Foundation 6 support and the Weaver’s Space Community is phenomenal and very helpful.

— Christi Kropf

Sarah O'Neill

Design is finally enjoyable again and as a bonus, people think I coded it all from scratch.

— Sarah O'Neill

 Reinhard Bruderer

I love F6. It gives me the freedom to be creative in designing beautiful websites for my clients.

— Reinhard Bruderer

Pam Vigil

I'm able to create a unique and professional looking website that is completely custom to my clients wishes.

— Pam Vigil

Bret Carmichael - The President of the Internet

With Foundation, you can create fast-performing websites that pass Google’s Core Web Vitals.

— Bret Carmichael

Davide Fanchin - Foundation Box Studio

If you are looking for a tool that gives you full control over your designs, look no further!

— Davide Fanchin

Jaap van Eekelen

I've used Rapiweaver with standard themes but now with F6, I create my site the way I want.

— Jaap van Eekelen

Bill Burden - Oh what a burden he is... LOL

The continuing education for Foundation 6 is what really sets it apart from everything else.

— Bill Burden

Peter Limmer

Foundation 6 is wildly versatile. I keep discovering new things that I can do with it!

— Peter Limmer

David Ward

As a novice, F6 opens up so many creative possibilities. The support and tutorials are superb.

— David Ward

Matthias Wolf

After it clicks, F6 is priceless! You'll never go back to normal themes again.

— Matthias Wolf

Jochen Abitz

Foundation 6 gives me the greatest possible freedom to implement my ideas quickly.

— Jochen Abitz

Josh Omilian

F6 is the best platform to build custom websites for your customers.

— Josh Omilian

Chris Powers - Weaver Base Site

F6 Swatches is a game changer and allows for quick changes across a website with little effort.

— Chris Powers

Peter Danckwerts

Foundation 6 offers immense flexibility and improved load speed.

— Peter Danckwerts

Guy Woodland

15 years using Rapidweaver and Foundation 6 changes the whole concept of website building.

— Guy Woodland

Gary Wann

Foundation 6 provides me with the power and flexibility to easily create engaging websites.

— Gary Wann

Riaan Grobler

Foundation 6 is a game changer! The sky is the limit. Fully responsive with great code.

— Riaan Grobler

Daniel Levine

F6 has made it possible for us to develop sophisticated professional looking websites.

— Daniel Levine


No Code Design

The combination of RapidWeaver and Stacks makes for the best web design software for Mac. Foundation stacks' intuitive drag & drop interface allows you to build better websites in less time.

MacbookPro next to an iPhone. Both are displaying websites built with Foundation.

Helpful Community

Using Foundation stacks is more than just software. At Weaver's Space, we have an amazing community of users that is one of the most helpful and friendly places to hangout online. We have weekly online events as well as a yearly conference. These events allow to teach, learn and have fun with your fellow web designers.


Save Money

Stop paying every month for a web design tool! Foundation stacks is a software that you pay for once, and work on as many projects as you need.

Extensible Ecosystem

There is a wonderful ecosystem built around the Foundation stacks. Some designers have release some pre-made/done for you website templates that will blow your mind. All you need to do is insert your content. There are a ton of amazing addons from Weaver's Space and other developers that can be used in combination with Foundation stacks.